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615mm Rental Screen Housing

Large Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer of 615mm Rental Screen Housing.Custom manufacturer of assembly, conveyor, crushing, cutting, milling, screening and sorting machinery. Available in automatic, continuous, flexible, high speed, modular and non-synchronous styles and computer numerical control (CNC), man-machine interface (MMI), manual and programmable logic controller (PLC) modes. Processes include blending, casting, dispensing, filling, forming, grinding, laminating, molding, rolling, stamping and welding. Job shop services include boring, broaching, counterboring, countersinking, drilling, facing, gear hobbing, knurling, milling, parting, cutting, pocketing, profiling, reaming, spline cutting, tapping, thread milling, threading and turning. Rigging, machinery moving, construction, electrical, shipping, painting, sandblasting, finite stress analysis, infrared scanning, training, control retrofitting repair and maintenance services are also offered.

China superior precision die casting manufacturer, Specialized in aluminum, magnesium, copper, zin casting, casting process, various surface treatment, etc, With 30+ years experience for die casting metal parts in electronics medical automotive marine aerospace industry. Ability to quickly complete from design to prototype according to customer needs. If you have parts die casting needs, please contact us immediately to get free quote.

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