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CNC Machining

CNC Machining

China CNC Machining Services We Can Supply

Do you look for a China CNC machining parts service? Contact us, Pintejin Group offers CNC machining parts service for metals, aluminums, and plastic mold, metal parts, die casting, rubber service to the world. we have 89 CNC machines to manufacturing the molds, metal CNC machining parts, aluminum CNC machining components, prototypes, etc.

Pintejin Group is an experienced CNC machining workshop in China. We have a full line of equipment, like Automatic Lathes, CNC Lathes, CNC Milling Machines, Turn-Mill Machines, Tapping Centers, and CNC Machining Centers. They give us the capability to support you in various CNC machining Services like CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC machining and CNC turn-milling service.We specialize in small-size,medium-size and lager-size custom-made mechanical parts. All regular raw materials including metals and plastics could be done. And surface treatments on machined parts are available here. Part dimensions are available from 1.0 mm to 3500 mm.

  • CNC Turning:Suitable to manufacture parts in round shape with high precision tolerance. High-efficiency CNC turning service.- Precision could be 0.01mm.-Outside Diameter is 360mm max.
  • Precision Machining : We have 3-Axis and 4-Axis and 5 axis machines to guarantee high precision CNC machining service. – Precision could be 0.005mm. – Size: 3500*2800*920mm max.
  • Turn-Milling:We have 5-Axis & 6-Axis MAZAK/DMU/TSUGAMI machines to make complex CNC turn-milling parts and save cost for you.- Precision could be 0.005mm.- Outside Diameter is 46mm max.
  • CNC Milling:Suitable to make parts not in round shape. A CNC milling company is ready to assistant you now!- Precision could be 0.02mm.- Workable size: 600×300×400mm

CNC Machined Parts Gallery – Machining Services for Die Cast Parts

With die cast parts, you need to take the tolerances into account, and can’t depend on the features being perfectly flat or perfectly smooth. Porosity inside heavier sections of die cast parts can be an issue, so you won’t want to cut into them too deeply.The design of the casting is critical for providing good flow and fill characteristics for the die casting and providing you with useful locating features and sufficient machine stock. If there’s not enough machine stock designed in, you’ll be scrapping parts after you’ve invested machining time into them.

At Pintejin Group, we provide quality die cast machining that meets your project requirements. Our reputation for expert engineering, design for manufacturability, superior process/quality control, and prompt deliveries makes us your trusted source for die cast part machining services.

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If any of your project that need CNC machining service, I believe find the China CNC machining company in China will be one of the best option to save time and cost, as you know China is the biggest manufacturing country on the world, but at the first time you may have a lots question about how to work with Chinese CNC machining manufacturers and if it is safety for you? and how to find the good CNC machining company in China, how to proceed, and how to pay, delivery issue, etc.

Well, to guide you understand how to find your good partner from China, we have some tips for you to know the procedures to work with China CNC machining companies, please go to our other page which will guide you how to do I choose the right CNC machining company in China or How to find good CNC machining Service and Factory in China, I assume there are some information that could help you to make your decision.

Send us your CNC machining requirement project to us, we will quote you a good price and good service.