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Precision Die Casting Zinc Alloy Door And Window Handles

ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified. Custom Zinc Alloy Door And Window Handles manufacturer of die castings.Casting processes include air set, high pressure, loose patter, tilt poured, impregnation, vacuum and V-process. Casting mold types are permanent, plaster, rubber, shell, ceramic, solid and cope and drag. Additional services such as engineering, finishing, inspection, repair and assembly provided. Prototype to specialty, low to high volume and small to large production runs offered. Serves the aerospace, agricultural, automotive, building, electrical, medical, nuclear and railroad industries.

  • High-quality metal castings. Cost, quality, and delivery time all matter equally. Get the metal die cast parts you need – when you need them – with Pintejin.
  • Discover rigorous, industry-leading quality standards. Stop settling for “okay,” “average,” or “so-so” metal die cast manufacturing. Pintejin delivers best-in-class, ISO:9001 certified die casting. Our multilevel due diligence means we have boots-on-the-ground engineering support to ensure quality at every step.

China superior precision die casting manufacturer, Specialized in aluminum, magnesium, copper, zin casting, casting process, various surface treatment, etc, With 30+ years experience for die casting metal parts in electronics medical automotive marine aerospace industry. Ability to quickly complete from design to prototype according to customer needs. If you have parts die casting needs, please contact us immediately to get free quote.

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