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Zinc Die Casting IOT Lock Shell With Classical Pattern

Custom precision Zinc die casting services for Classical Pattern IOT Lock Shell. Castings can be manufactured with high tensile strength, thin wall and corrosion, heat, abrasion, stress, acid and wear resistant characteristics. Secondary processes include cleaning, normalizing, quenching, tempering, CNC machining, stamping, tooling, heat treatment, annealing, assembly, engineering, finishing, inspection, e-coating, heat treatment, layout, machining, painting, pattern repair, mounting, gating, rigging, welding, shot blasting, polishing and metallurgical testing.

Capable of casting parts up to 120 inches L x 120 inches W x 20 inches H dimensions (3000 x 3000 x 500mm) with weight up to 500 pounds (250 kilograms). Manufactures to a tolerance of +/- 0.005 inches (0.127 mm). Serving many different industries with offshore contract manufacturing, automation, OEM/ODM, engineering, product development, prototyping, pilot production, quality assurance and supply chain management services.

China superior precision die casting manufacturer, Specialized in aluminum, magnesium, copper, zin casting, casting process, various surface treatment, etc, With 30+ years experience for die casting metal parts in electronics medical automotive marine aerospace industry. Ability to quickly complete from design to prototype according to customer needs. If you have parts die casting needs, please contact us immediately to get free quote.

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