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Custom Automotive Navigator Shell

Precision die casting services for custom automotive navigator shell. Capabilities include assembly, milling, lathe turning, drilling, tapping, rapid prototyping, urethane casting, rotational and injection molding. Laser cutting, CNC punching, stamping, bending, 3D printing additive manufacturing, spot, MIG and TIG welding services are provided. Works with aluminum and zinc materials. Contract manufacturing services are also offered. Prototypes and low to high production runs are available. Serves aerospace, automotive, agricultural, medical, robotics and electronics industries. Wet grinding, product development, designing and supply chain are offered as value added services.After we receive your order, we will:

  • Perform a complete Design for Manufacturing review of your CAD files.
  • Verify tooling raw materials for compliance.
  • Use our multi-axis imported CNC machine tools to fabricate the core and cavity.
  • Apply careful heat treatment to temper the molds.
  • Exercise process control when casting your parts.
  • Provide any necessary post-machining or machining.
  • Professionally inspect and measure finished parts to meet and exceed your specifications.

Ability to quickly complete from design to prototype according to customer needs. If you have parts die casting needs, please contact us immediately to get free quote.

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