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Aluminum casting oxidation slag generation causes and solutions

Aluminum casting oxidation slag generation causes and solutions

People engaged in aluminum alloy casting industry should know that aluminum castings in the production and processing process, there will be oxidation slag, then, why this situation, there is no good way to solve the aluminum casting oxidation slag. Today, aluminum casting manufacturer mingsheng will introduce you in detail the causes of Aluminum Die Casting oxidation slag and the way to solve.

Aluminum casting oxidation slag main defect characteristics: oxidation slag more than all over the upper surface layer of aluminum castings, in the Metal Casting not breathable corner location. Fracture more milky white or yellowish, by x-ray direct or in the mechanical processing manufacturing found, but also in alkaline washing, pickling passivation or anodic oxidation treatment found.

Aluminum casting oxidation slag generation causes.

  • Precision casting is not clean, too much consumption of retort material.
  • Poorly designed casting control system.
  • The slag in the aluminum alloy liquid is not completely removed.
  • The actual operation of Sand Casting is not good, bring in the slag.
  • Insufficient resting time period after melting solid solution strengthening.

The correct treatment of aluminum casting oxidation slag.

  • Furnace material should be through the sand blowing, back to the consumption of reasonable reduction of furnace material.
  • Improve the design of low pressure casting control system to enhance its ability to block the slag professional.
  • Use a reasonable melt to de-slag.
  • Low-pressure casting should be kept stable and should pay special attention to slag blocking.
  • The aluminum alloy liquid should be left for a certain length of time before low-pressure casting after refining.