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Aluminum casting alkali etching treatment

Aluminum casting alkali etching treatment

With the rapid development of aluminum CNC Machining For Castings industry, aluminum alloy casting industry also began to have a certain influence, it is because of the broad use of these manufacturers to promote the total output of these manufacturers increased significantly to meet the different market needs of consumers. So, in the aluminum casting industry, aluminum casting alkali corrosion correct treatment and according to which method to play to the idealized role?

For aluminum castings, because of the cnc machining china process or raw materials and other key factors of the hazards, the production and manufacturing of formed aluminum casting surface layer will be very rough. In order to better meet the application standards, such as the completion of alkali corrosion solution for the product to improve the process performance of aluminum castings. However, this operation is not that easy, in which many aspects must be paid special attention.

Because of the prevalence of various chemical substances and other mixes between metal materials; uneven distribution of chemical composition deviations caused by loose organization; coupled with gravity casting after cooling are not generated by high-density air oxide film and other key factors, the surface layer of aluminum castings look very rough, significantly reducing the quality of all aluminum casting products.

However, we also see that the correct treatment of alkali etching can play a vital role in improving the roughness of the surface layer of aluminum castings, but the adjustment of the length of ALUMINUM CASTING alkali etching is a key point of difficulty and is a key link. Once the alkali corrosion is very fast, aluminum castings have the opportunity to not completely exhaust; but once the time period is too long, will also lead to over corrosion of goods, and thus cause changes in size tolerance specifications.

Therefore, in this regard, or as far as possible to change the aluminum casting alkali corrosion procedures, in addition, aluminum casting extrusion molding after the line alkali corrosion disposal, so that not only the surface roughness is enhanced, but also to avoid the generation of various types of problems caused by alkali corrosion. When the enterprise product alkali corrosion correct treatment success, but also use 1:1 hydrochloric acid to do a good job quickly out of the light solution, so the actual effect will be more ideal.

Aluminum castings after effective alkali corrosion correct treatment, to obtain a more desirable actual effect, to protect its process performance has been enhanced, and to avoid the emergence of various types of problems, thus ensuring the consistency of aluminum die castings, but also to better promote its application.