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The correct way to chemically clean aluminum castings

The correct way to chemically clean aluminum castings

According to the past work experience, chemical cleaning and zirconization of aluminum castings except for a few small pieces, usually pieces need to be bundled one by one, although some can be strung together, but many pieces of string down to solve and perhaps because of the lamination and can not be completely spread out, and thus endanger the quality of cleaning and solution, and then or cause the laminated surface can not be cleaned to. Therefore, aluminum Thin Wall Die Casting should be bundled differently as far as possible; basket vibration should be enhanced when it is not convenient to clean up the bundled parts.

Aluminum castings chemical industry condition and alkali corrosion when the bundle and there are many special requirements, the key is not to copper wire and galvanized steel belt bundle production, because the copper wire will pollute out of light aqueous solution. When the light out of the sodium cyanide aqueous solution in the accumulation of excessive copper later, in the hafnium alloy artifacts above the copper precipitation crystal, and will seriously contaminate the organic chemical conversion solution aqueous solution, endangering the organic chemical conversion film production.

If galvanized wire is used to bind aluminum castings, it will leave dark gray scratches in the binding position of the aluminum parts, which will prevent the organic chemical conversion from producing a conversion film in that area. In this case, chemical water treatment and alkali corrosion of aluminum castings with fine aluminum wire bundling.

On the other hand, the aluminum Hot Chamber Die Casting bundle should be loose, not tight bundle. Bundle too tight the place is not easy to clean to, endanger the cleanup quality, thus endangering all the normal transformation of the oxide film. But also can not bundle very loose, to ensure that the actual operation does not fall off, in case it leads to over-leaching of the system parts.

Another, chemical water treatment and alkali corrosion of aluminum castings bundling process flow of the specific arrangements to be appropriate, must be reasonably arranged in the thorough removal of the surface layer of the system does not easily dissolve alkali adhesion of the pretreatment process and organic solvent cleaning process after the process, or repeatedly and frequently after the solution leads to overleaching.

In addition to tying to meet the regulations, aluminum castings organic chemical cleaning equipment and the use of strict requirements for the regulations, generally speaking, soap solution is not suitable as a cleaning agent for aluminum castings, because the soap and the calcium and sulfate ions present in the water after the chemical reaction will cause insoluble glutamate, prompting the surface layer of aluminum castings may be attached to such insoluble chemical substances, thus causing spots, endangering the quality of the surface .